iStorage diskAshur2 Review: Ultra-Secure 256-Bit AES Locked Down External Storage

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iStorage diskAshur2 Performance

2.5", 5400 rpm HDD using a USB 3.x interface is not going to set any modern-day speed records. However, to show you exactly where the performance of a drive of this type falls, we included several SSDs and flash drives in our benchmark testing, and you can see the obvious difference in performance. Still, the iStorage diskAshur2 performed reasonably well versus another external hard drive, especially considering that it was encrypting and decrypting data on-the-fly during the testing. And the drive was noticeably faster than an unencrypted HDD Seagate GoFlex.

The CrystalDiskMark sequential transfer measured test measured read speed at 101MB/s and write speed at 99.6MB/s. Not much of a gap there, and one suspects that the ongoing encryption/decryption tended to even things out and narrow the gap over the long haul.

crystal 1

crystal 2

crystal 3

crystal 4

SiSoftware's SANDRA's Physical Disk Benchmark returned similar results, with a 97MB/s read speed and 96.27MB/s write speed.


And ATTO's Disk Benchmark v2.47 returned comparable data, showing write speeds in the 94MB/s range and reads in the 96MB/s range. 

atto read

atto write

All in all, the diskAshur2's performance isn't going to match expensive (and probably unsecured) SSDs, but it's perfectly acceptable for an external Hard Disk Drive that doubles as an iron-clad vault. The bottom line is that the diskAshur2 performs on par with any other USB 3 HDD, but it manages to attain those speeds while keeping your data secure.

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