Intel Core i7-875K and i5-655K Unlocked

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Performance Summary: Strictly from a stock performance standpoint, the new Core i7-875K and Core i5-665K processors perform exactly like their locked counterparts, the Core i7-870 and Core i5-650. If you're not overclocking and taking advantage of the unlocked multipliers on the new K-Series processors, there's little to differentiate them from the standard Core i7-870 and Core i5-650 other than their higher model numbers.

Intel will be officially launching the new Core i7-875K and Core i5-665K processors during the Computex trade show taking place in Taipei next week, with availability to follow shortly thereafter. If you're wondering how these new processors will be positioned and priced in Intel's line-up, here's the scoop:

The unlocked Core i5-655K will command a $40 price premium over the locked i5-650, which is a bit steep in our opinion, but at under $220 it is still a relatively affordable processor and offers much more flexibility while overclocking than the standard i5-650. The Core i7-875K, despite having an obviously higher price, is priced to move. You're reading the chart correctly--the Core i7-875K will sell for $342, which makes it almost $240 cheaper than the locked Core i7 870. Intel will have to adjust pricing on the 870 eventually, but when it initially arrives the Core i7-875K will be much more affordable than 870. If you've been contemplating the purchase of a Lynnfield-based rig for overclocking, and have the budget to afford the 875K, it is absolutely the processor to get. Flexibility, performance, and competitive pricing--the Core i7-875K has it all.


  • Excellent Overclocking Flexibility
  • 875K Priced To Move
  • Strong Performance
  • Price Premium on the 655K


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