Intel Clover Trail Atom Z2760 Tablet Performance Preview

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Sunspider, BrowserMark and PCMark 7

Sunspider measures Javascript performance, which is very common workload for web applications and sites when browsing the Internet.  It's also one of the few cross-platform benchmarks we can use to measure performance, though it is dependent on hardware, operating system and browser performance combined.

SunSpider and Rightware BrowserMark
Javascript and HTML5 Browser Testing

The Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T with Intel's Atom Z2760 and Windows 8 Pro offered the fastest SunSpider score we've seen to date, besting even Apple's powerful A6 dual-core SoC by a comfortable margin.

Rightware's BrowserMark is a benchmark that provides tests to measure browser performance in the context of JavaScript, HTML5, WebGL, CSS and other standards.  Here we see Intel's new tablet SoC falling in around the middle of the pack, about on par with a slower speed bin of NVIDIA's Tegra 3 in this test.

PCMark 7 
General Compute and Multimedia Testing
Futuremark’s PCMark 7 is a well-known benchmark tool that runs the system through standard desktop-like compute tasks, including word processing and multimedia playback and editing. Graphics and CPU horsepower figure prominently in this benchmark, but the tests are also heavily weighted by disk IO responsiveness.

Unfortunately this is another benchmark where we don't have a lot of reference data for similar mobile architectures currently.  The best frame of reference we can offer is that a low power Core i3 CULV processor puts up about 2100 or so in this test, though most notebook systems we've tested have had more robust disk subsystems. 

Unfortunately, thus far we've been met by errors and crashing with both PCMark Vantage and 3DMark Vantage as well.  Additionally, 3DMark 11 won't run on the Atom Z2760 because it's PowerVR graphics core is only DX10.1 compatible.  We're hoping to dig in further here shortly, and offer you more performance data, especially as it pertains to the multimedia and graphics performance of Clover Trail.

However, we do have a look at HD video playback for you next...

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