IDF Day 1: David Perlmutter: "Where Will 'On-the-Go' Go?"

Netbooks & MIDs

Next came netbooks. Perlmutter commented that the Internet is becoming an integral part of many people's lives and they'd like the ability to access the Internet wherever they go. Smaller and cheaper laptops, based on the Atom processor can make this a possibility. Some netbooks have already started shipping from vendors, such as Asus, Acer, and Lenovo. While the netbooks category was originally envisioned for emerging markets, Perlmutter said that Intel was surprised to find so much interest for it in mature markets.


The final topic for Perlmutter was MIDs. Perlmutter sees MIDs as way to have the "Internet in your pocket." He didn't have much to offer about MIDs other than to say the there are multiple suppliers of MIDs who are using Intel's Menlo technology. He thinks that they are great looking products--some have keyboards and some don't. Perlmutter was intentionally brief with his MID coverage, as he indicated that Anand Chandrasekher would have much more to offer in regards to MIDs during Chandrasekher's IDF day 2 keynote.

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