HTC Touch Pro2 Review


The Touch Pro2 has a black and charcoal-colored body with rounded edges and curved sides. The phone itself has a very solid feel overall. Even the horizontal sliding mechanism is solid and glides smoothly. The slider does provide some resistance, so you won't accidentally "open" the phone. After sliding the screen half way, the phone will open automatically and snap into place. 

The Touch Pro2 is thicker than many of today's ultra-thin phones, measuring 0.68 inches thick. To help you compare the Touch Pro2's thickness to other popular phones, the iPhone 3Gs is 0.48 inches and the Motorola Droid is 0.54 inches thick. In terms of weight, the Touch Pro2 is noticeably heavier than either the iPhone 3Gs or the Motorola Droid. The Touch Pro2 weighs 6.35 ounces, the Motorola Droid weighs 5.96 ounces, and the iPhone 3Gs weighs 4.8 ounces. Despite the phone's thickness, it's a very good-looking phone. Although the phone is heavier than some competing models, it's easy to grow accustomed to carrying the phone and not notice the extra weight (compared to other phones).


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The Touch Pro2's 3.6-inch display covers the majority of the front of the handset. The screen does tend to attract fingerprints but we didn't notice a problem with performance even when there were a number of fingerprints on the screen. Just below the screen, you'll find the Zoom Bar as well as the talk, start, back, and end keys. Above the display, there's a notification LED, ambient light sensor, and proximity sensor.

On the top edge of the phone, you'll find the power button. The volume rocker is located on the left panel. The primary microphone is located on the bottom edge of the phone not too far from the talk key. You'll also find the mini USB connector and standard 3.5mm headphone jacks on the bottom edge of the phone. On the right panel, you'll find the secondary microphone and a stylus.


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The back panel of the Touch Pro2 contains the 3.2 megapixel camera, a mute button, and a noise-canceling dual speaker.

The keyboard has slightly raised keys that are backlit. The keys are nicely spaced and comfortable, and easy to type on. When the screen is tilted, the top row of number keys is slightly harder to access. Navigation keys are located in the lower right corner. In addition, many functions are available from the keyboard using a combination of a FN key and another key. For times when you don't want to slide the phone open and use the hardware keyboard, there's also an on-screen keyboard that's quite usable.

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