HTC EVO 4G - 4G vs 3G, A Tale of The Tape

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The EVO 4G's large, 4.3-inch capacitive multi-touch screen covers the vast majority of the front of the device. Just below the screen, you'll notice four backlit buttons (Home, Menu, Back, and Search) that are flush with the screen and provide haptic feedback when pressed. Overall, the phone is relatively thin, measuring 0.5 inches thick. At 6 ounces with the battery installed, the EVO 4G one of the heaviest smartphones we've reviewed recently. Here's how the EVO 4G compares:

Samsung Captivate
4.5 ounces
HTC Droid Incredible
4.6 ounces
Apple iPhone 4
4.8 ounces
Motorola Droid X
5.47 ounces
Samsung Epic 4G
5.47 ounces
6 ounces

Despite the fact that the EVO 4G is heavier than some of today's other popular smartphones, many users will feel the extra weight is worth the added features that you wouldn't get with these other phones.

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The EVO 4G is a relatively boxy device with rounded corners and edges. Overall the handset feels solid.The EVO 4G's kickstand is a nice touch, especially since the phone has a large display and high-speed mobile broadband for streaming video.

You'll find many of today's must-have features in the EVO 4G, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, an accelerometer, and two cameras. The first camera, a 1.3 megapixel fixed focus front facing camera enables Mobile Video Chat from Qik. On the back of the smartphone, you'll find an 8 megapixel camera with auto focus and dual LED flash.

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Compared to other phones today, the EVO 4G doesn't have a lot of onboard storage (it has 1GB of ROM and 512MB of RAM). However, it also comes with an 8GB microSD card, giving you plenty of space to store music, videos, and documents. Should you require additional storage space, you can easily swap memory cards via the microSD expansion slot located under the battery cover.

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You'll find the EVO 4G's volume rocker on the right side of the device. The top edge contains the power button and a 3.5mm headset jack. On the bottom edge of the EVO 4G, there's a microUSB port and HDMI output. The phone's 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash and a kickstand are located on the back of the device.

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