HTC EVO 4G LTE Android Smartphone Review

Camera Performance and Battery Life

The EVO 4G LTE has an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera with a f/2.0 lens, fast auto-focus, and LED flash. During our testing, the EVO 4G LTE's camera performed well, but it still captured its fair share of blurry and soft images. Many outdoor images and well-lit indoor images turned out good, but a few were slightly soft or out of focus. Indoor shots with a flash were occasionally washed out, but no worse than with other smartphone cameras.

The EVO 4G LTE's camera was quick to focus and we appreciated the burst shot mode along with the Best Shot feature which will save the image the camera determines to be the best of the bunch.




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Although the EVO 4G LTE doesn't have a user-replaceable battery, it's 2000 mAh battery is suppose to offer up to 7.5 hours talk time. In our everyday usage tests, the EVO 4G LTE's battery lasted for a full day (8-12 hours) under moderate usage while checking email, placing calls, and browsing the web.

In an attempt to put a quantitative measure on the EVO 4G LTE's battery life, we set up our own Web-surfing test. In this test, we set up a webpage with a mix of graphics and text. The page automatically refreshed itself every three minutes.

We set the EVO 4G LTEs display to 50% brightness and turned off Wi-Fi. When we ran this, the EVO 4G LTE did well, lasting for 5 hours and 25 minutes before it died.

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