HP ZBook X2 G4 Review: A Powerful Convertible For Creative Professionals

HP Zbook X2 G4 Review: 3DMark, PCMark and Specviewperf Benchmarks

Futuremark benchmarks have been the go-to system tests since the late ‘90s. We ran the HP Zbook X2 G4 through PCMark 10, which is designed to gauge the system performance in everyday use scenarios with GPU acceleration-enabled, while 3DMark tests its gaming chops. Specviewperf is added to the mix to show the benefits of Quadro graphics in workstation application scenarios.

PCMark 10 
Productivity and System-Level Benchmarking

We ran the complete PCMark 10 benchmark, which covers the entire gamut of what notebooks are typically used for.

HP Zbook X2 G4 PCMark10

The HP Zbook X2 G4’s Samsung SM961 SSD helps it dominate the Essentials benchmark, which focuses on everyday workloads, including web browsing and app start times. It starts to fall behind when it comes to the Productivity benchmark, and oddly puts up an average score in the Digital Content Creation benchmark.

3DMark Benchmarks
3D Benchmarking

HP Zbook X2 G4 3DMarkCloudGate

HP Zbook X2 G4 3DMarkSkyDiver

3DMark reveals the Quadro M620 delivers significantly more power than Intel UHD / HD 620 graphics, which is expected. However, the M620’s Maxwell architecture can’t keep up with the Pascal-based GeForce MX150.

Workstation Benchmarking

We ran the HP Zbook X2 G4 through Specviewperf’s maya-04, catia-04 and 3dsmax-05 tests, which are common 3D rendering applications. Since Specviewperf isn’t part of our normal benchmark suite, we were only able to run it on notebooks we still had in our hands for testing, which was limited to the Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 and Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 6th Gen.

HP Zbook X2 G4 SpecViewPerf

Specviewperf shows CATIA benefits the most from the CAD/CAM-optimized Quadro drivers on the HP Zbook X2 G4. At 31.2 fps, the Zbook is usable as a portable CATIA workstation and performs twice as well as the Intel UHD 620 graphics. We wouldn’t recommend running 3D Studio Max on the HP Zbook X2 G4, unfortunately. Despite having regular consumer gaming drivers, the Radeon RX Vega M graphics manages to wipe the floor with the Quadro M620 and is probably a better solution for workstation use with some graphics intensive workloads.

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