HP Pavilion x360 13t Review: A Quality Mainstream Convertible Laptop

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HP Pavilion x360 13t Performance Summary And Final Analysis

Performance Summary: There is no doubt that the HP Pavilion x360 13t is a quality mainstream mobile device. It has more than enough muscle to handle everyday computing and internet-related tasks and is very capable when it comes to streaming video. Although the Pavilion x360 13t isn’t geared toward business use, it should serve casual road warriors just fine. The machine will likely end up in more than a few dorm rooms, however, where it will handle Excel, Word, and related productivity software with aplomb.

As for gaming, the Pavilion x360 13t is a mainstream machine with on-processor graphics, so it should be able to handle light, casual gaming duties -- and it does. If you’re looking to run modern, first-person shooters at reasonable settings though, you’ll want a system with a dedicated GPU, which would add some heft and increase the asking price. 

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The HP Pavilion x360 13t also has reasonable battery life – certainly enough to get through a typical college lecture or handle entertainment duties on a cross-country flight.

In short, the Pavilion x360 13t is a quality convertible laptop that can be configured as a budget entertainment system or a mid-range do-it-all notebook PC. Just keep in mind that if you want that mid-range laptop (as ours is configured), you’ll pay a mid-range price ($759 MSRP, roughly), which nearly doubles the system’s starting price.

If you have room in the budget though, we do recommend bumping up to the better 128GB SSD storage option, full HD display, and more powerful Intel Core i5 processor, in that order. Its additional RAM option is likely worth the extra outlay as well. Although, in the end, it all comes down to your preferences and it’s generally pretty hard to go wrong with this new mainstream HP laptop, no matter how you dial it in.  
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  • Good looks
  • Quality audio system
  • Decent battery life
  • Slim, light chassis
  • Competitively priced
  • Limited SSD options
  • Keyboard backlight costs extra

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