How Much Ya Bench? Coppermines Overclocked!

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How much ya bench?  - High End Processors @ 750MHz. !!!

And A Little More...

Check it out!  This is the first time you have ever seen a "10" Heat Meter Rating around here.  The new Heat Meter is a lot tougher scale these days since the old "Temp-O-Meter", if you all remember that.  Anyway, I thought you all deserved it since there was such a great showing of Sandra Scores! 

Well, things sure did get interesting with the quick little contest we had.  This really was just a spur of the moment kind of thing we did but we got lots of entries!  A big thanks to all who participated.  You folks are the reason we do what we do here at HotHardware!  For our three winners, we have some genuine, grade  "A" PC-Nut Tee-Shirts.  These babies are no slouch.  100% cotton and Oh-So-Stylish.  We also are going to throw in some big ass GamePC Mouse Pads.  Hey they aren't no Rat Pad but still big and schmoove!

Let's turn it and burn it baby!

This first one was sure to be the top CPU score.  We all new someone would send in an Athlon score that would kick P3 butt.  However, the memory bandwidth scores and multimedia benchmark don't measure up to the Coppermine.  This is typical for the Athlon.  At least in the SiSoft Sandra tests.

Here's Paul Cortez, livin' large in southern California (San Fernando Valley) with his Athlon 750! 

He is running an overclocked Athlon 500 that came with a 650MHz core (week 46) and 3.3ns L2 cache chips.  He resoldered it to 750MHz with 1/2 speed L2 (375MHz from 300MHz rated chips).  He had to shim the cache chips to the heat plate and supply supplemental cooling with a 30cfm 80mm case fan.  The motherboard is an Asus K7M with 128MB of (cheap generic) CAS2 PC100 SDRAM chips.


OK, so here is the best of the best we received from the Intel crowd.  Brian Childress sent in his score for a Coppermine 550E at 753MHz.  That is cheating Brian but what is 3MHz. between friends?  :-) Anyway, here is his rig specs....

Soyo 6BA-IV
Pentium !!! 550E@753
128MB PC133 HSDRAM from EMS
Western Digital 13.6 Expert 7200rpm
Creative Labs Annihilator Pro @ 130/330
Sound Blaster Live! Platinum
Creative 48X CD-ROM
Zip 250
Teac floppy
3com NIC
3com 56K
Cambridge Sound Works DTT2500 Digital
Enlight 7237 w/ 300W power & 2 extra case fans
Alcatel 1000 adsl modem

Hey that almost sounds like my rig!  Except for the ADSL modem.  Sure do miss my phat pipe!  Anyway, here's the good on Brian's machine.

Mmmmm, tasty!  Check out those memory bandwidth scores too!  Nice work Brian!

And now for the Creature Feature!  This is by no means a contest winner.  After all we did say 750 vrs. 750MHz. This Athlon has a little teeny weeny advantage called Vapo-Chill!  Tom Leufkens actually has been involved with this stuff for a while.  He made and sold some pretty coolio Peltiers for your P2 or P3 a while back. We even tested one out and found it to be pretty chilly indeed.  It is only fitting that Tom get the Freak-Of-Nature award here. 

Check out his desktop shot...


That is some killer performance there Tom!  Remind me not to meet up with you in the Frag Pit!  If I blinked I'd be gibbed!  :-)  Damn fine overclock Tom and a damn fine score too!

Well I guess our HotHardware test rig has been beaten silly here.  I would have expected nothing less from you folks. 

Nice work and keep on clockin' !



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