How Much Ya Bench? Coppermines Overclocked!

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How much ya bench?  - The P!!! 500E Coppermine @ 750MHz. 

We recently got in a new sweet little Pentium!!!  500E Coppermine from our good buds at OutsideLoop Computers.  By the way, in case you haven't heard, they rock!

We have heard many VERY encouraging stories on the net these days about the ability of the 500E and 550E to overclock EXTREMELY well.  We decided it would be great to see what kind of performance gains could be had with the 500E on an i820 motherboard with RAMBUS and the works.  Here's how things went...

OutsideLoop also set us up with a sweet new Slotket card from MSI, the MS-6905 Master.  You guessed it, this little honey supports Coppermine CPUs.  Here is a pic. of the two them ready to rumble!

(Click for the full monty)

Aren't they just darling together?  Who would have thought such kick ass performance would come in such a small package.  I can't say enough about how well this converter card from MSI works.  It has everything you need including voltage tweaking capabilities.  Great work MSI!  

As you can see, the heatsink and fan aren't on the assembly in this picture.  The good news is, the retail stock heatsink and fan combo that Intel puts out with this CPU, is pretty darn good and all we needed to get the job done.  We then installed this fantastic combo on a Gigabyte GA-6CX Motherboard with the i820 chipset and 128MB of RAMBUS DRAM. 

We set the dip switches on the motherboard to 150MHz. FSB, proceeded to boot up Windows98SE and BAM!  Just like that silly freak Chef dude on television, we were cookin'! HotHardware style of course and damn spicy! 


MMMMMmm GOOD!  Can you say default voltage????  Oh yeah baby, this this little home biscuit was rock solid at 1.6 volts/750MHz.  I ran an hour long Q3 Demo Loop at 1024X768/32 bit with out even a hiccup!


And will you look at this?  I never even noticed this on the first pass with the GA-6CX review.  This board has AGP4X enabled by default.

OK, so here is the proof in the pudding....

Not too shabby eh?  These are the best darn scores I have ever seen from an Intel CPU and System Memory.  On the other hand, what the heck do I know?

Oh by the way, I decided it would be nice to see some Quake3 Benchmarks on this rig, with an overclocked GeForce DDR card!  ;-)

UPDATE!   1/15/00

I am becoming less and less impressed with the performance of the i820 chipset and RAMBUS combination.  Perhaps it is a driver/GART issue or whatever.  Either way the BX chipset and good ol' PC133 SDRAM still rule.  

Check out the same benchmark on an Abit BE6 with 128MB of PC133 RAM! 

Hmm, I would save my money on the RAMBUS right now until things mature a little.

OK, I want to pose a challenge here folks!  ;-)  I  want to see some of you folks send me in some Sandra Benchmarks with a 750MHZ. processor of any sort, Intel, AMD, whatever...  Take snaps of your results in JPEG format and send them in.  We'll post the results here for the top score and I might even throw in a little "gimme" for your troubles.  MAKE SURE YOU TAKE AT LEAST THE MAIN CPU AND MEMORY BENCHMARKS.  The Multimedia numbers are optional. 

So, how much ya bench???   HMMMM???  ;-)

Update!  -  1/20/00

Let's find out this way!

To HotHardware!



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