HIS Radeon X1650 XT IceQ Turbo and Radeon X1650 XT iSilence II

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Performance Comparisons with Prey
Details: http://www.prey.com/

After many years of development, Take-Two Interactive recently released the highly anticipated game Prey. Prey is based upon an updated and modified version of the Doom 3 engine, and as such performance characteristics between the two titles are very similar.  Like Doom 3, Prey is also an OpenGL game that uses extremely high-detailed textures and a plethora of dynamic lighting and shadows.  But unlike Doom3, Prey features a fare share of outdoor environments as well.  We ran these Prey benchmarks using a custom recorded timedemo with the game set to its "High-Quality" graphics mode, at resolutions of 1280 x 1024 and 1600 x 1200 with 4X AA and 8X anisotropic filtering enabled simultaneously.



The 7600 GT and X1650 XT are once again paired quite closely in this round of testing, and I know we said we wouldn't do it, but it is interesting to note that the X1950 Pro with anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering enabled is running much faster than even the overclocked X1650 XT at non-optimized settings.  Prey was much more forgiving when we got to cranking up the settings, as both camps received the same performance hit.  It's a crapshoot deciding which company's card is the best here, but we will take the free overclock on the Turbo model any day of the week.

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