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The Hercules Prophet II GTS 64MB
Guillemot or Hercules?  Either way you spell it, we see performance and quality.

By Dave "Davo" Altavilla

OK, if you remember, we were wondering in the beginning of this piece, if the heat sinks on the memory of the Prophet II GTS 64 would come into play in performance and over-clocking.  Well, it is safe to say it did in a fairly significant way.

Overclocking Benchmarks With The Hercules Prophet II 64
It's on the score board baby.

The Abit Siluro GeForce2 GTS 64 was able to hit a higher core speed of 235 but couldn't match the 420MHz. memory speed of the Prophet II 64.  The Siluro topped out at 405MHz. here.  It also should be noted that the DDR SDRAM chips that came standard on our Prophet II 64 board, were in fact the exact same components we found on the Abit Siluro GF2 64 and Gladiac 64 boards, that being Hyundai part number HY5DV651622TC-G6.  So, it can be easily deduced that the only variable between the three boards was in fact the installation of the heat sinks on the chips themselves with the Prophet II's design.  Thus the reason for the higher over-clock success with the Prophet II 64's memory speeds.

So, the question remains, what do the numbers look like with the Prophet II at 230/420 and the Siluro at 235/405?  Here is your answer.


Here we see the Hercules Prophet II GTS 64 lead the Abit board by a tiny margin in 16 bit color but a more significant percentage in 32 bit color when memory bandwidth is more important.  On average, the 32 bit color performance of the higher speed memory on the Hercules board, was about 3 frames per second faster.

Why not drop this bad boy into a 1GHz. setup?  Our sentiments exactly....

Here we see our Prophet II 64 over-clocked to 230/420 and 1GHz. Pentium III driving the polygons.  1024X768X32 at almost 110 frames per second is great stuff, without question.


In our final analysis, we would have to say the Hercules Prophet II 64 GTS is a real leader in the rather large pack of GeForce2 cards.  It truly differentiates itself with its complete feature set including every form of output format you could want with VGA, TV and DVI connections.  Furthermore, the quality design of the board with its "extra mile" cooling / heat sinking construction, really shined in our battery of unforgiving tests.

The final factor to consider is price.  You can find the Prophet II GTS retailing for around $375-$399 while OEM or "white box" versions can be found on line for as low as $320.  This may still seem a little pricey for a graphics card for some folks.  However, competitive products like the Elsa Gladiac are also in this range and don't offer the kind of feature set and cooling solution that the Prophet II 64 brings to the table.  We like the Prophet II GTS 64 so much, we're giving it THE award.

and the Heat Meter says...


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