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The Hercules Prophet II GTS 64MB
Guillemot or Hercules?  Either way you spell it, we see performance and quality.

By Dave "Davo" Altavilla

Installation...  Why do we even have this section anymore for Graphics cards?  Well, other than the very rare motherboard incompatibility, installing a graphics card these days is a non-event.  The Prophet II 64 gave us no trouble setting up in our i815 based test bed.  What we'll cover here is the software side of things, since the hardware was flawless.

Installation / Setup
Where is the Detonator 3 version?

Our board came shipping with drivers based on the 5.16 release of the nVidia reference drivers.  We checked the Hercules web site and were refreshed to see the inclusion of BIOS updates available to the end user but were disappointed to see that the latest driver release was not much ahead of the drivers in our box.  At the time this review was written, Hercules only had drivers based on version 5.22 of the nVidia driver. 

This is not out of the norm for most OEMs in the nVidia camp.  Most almost expect their customer base to default to the latest nVidia release.  Regardless, we'll give you a little taste of what Hercules delivers out of the box.

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Yawn...... Nothing special here.  Again, at the rate that nVidia releases drivers, most users will want to go with the latest Detonator 3 release as they become available.  While we are on the subject, we used the 6.18 version of the Detonator 3 drivers in our tests.  This was for a number of reasons including the fact that they were not officially released and supported by nVidia at the time of testing.  We were made aware that the 6.31 version drivers went live on the nVidia site, after our testing was complete. 

However, the fact that we used the 6.18 revision here will help you to make fair comparisons to the likes of the GeForce2 Ultra and other cards we reviewed here recently, since they were all tested on the 6.18 release.  Enough with the boring stuff.  Let's get on with the show here.

One thing we always like to do with each new video card we review, is snap a few screen shots of the most current games, really just for the "fun factor" more than anything.  While the GeForce2 GTS is hardly a new video card product, the Prophet II GTS 64 from Hercules is. 

The following shots were taken with nVidia's 2X2 (or their version of 4X) FSAA setting and 32 bit color.  The shots are 1024X768 and are relatively uncompressed so they are on the large side.  Those on the "phat pipe" rejoice.  Those on a dial-up will have to suffer a little.  :)

MDK2 with 2X2 FSAA in 32 bit color - Click images

Looks like Rover has an affinity for cheap Malt Liquor and Cigars.
What a coincidence, so do we!


Delta Force - Land Warrior with 2X2 FSAA and 32 bit color - Click images

2X2 FSAA on the Hercules Prophet II GTS 64, at 1024X768 in 32 bit color, was totally playable in both of these games.  In a game like Quake 3 Arena, you'll want to drop down to 800X600, just to keep your edge, unless of course you over-clock the card.  We know, perish the thought... More on this later.

Benchmarks, Direct 3D and OpenGL


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