Hercules Prophet II GTS 64MB

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The Hercules Prophet II GTS 64MB
Guillemot or Hercules?  Either way you spell it, we see performance and quality.

By Dave "Davo" Altavilla

Benchmarks / Comparisons With The Prophet II 64
Quake 3 Arena scores... go figure.

Here we are with our usual battery of Q3 scores, with and without FSAA.

Now we'll kick in FSAA...

The performance level without FSAA is unsurpassed by any other product, save a GeForce2 Ultra board.  We are told Hercules will be forwarding one of these to us soon by the way.  ;-)  However, FSAA, especially full 2X2 (in our opinion the only way to fly a GeForce2 with FSAA), puts an enormous hit on performance.  Still, playable frame rates are there for 800X600 or less.

Overclocking The Hercules Prophet II 64
The blue stuff works!

The moment you have all been waiting for has arrived.  As we expected, the Prophet II GTS 64 over-clocked like a dream.  The Blue Heat Sinks on the DDR SDRAM seem to have made a real difference.  Now remember, you need proper air flow and circulation in your case or any heat sink will become a heat conductor from other components inside the machine.  We have plenty of ventilation in our test case, so this setup worked very well.  Marco was good enough to point out to me that other sites may not have had this good luck we had.  Improper air circulation inside the case may have been the issue. 


Here are the results we came up with.


Although, we couldn't get the core speed up as high as we have seen on other cards, the memory speed was cranked up to the max and proved completely stable.  In fact, at 420MHz. DDR, we saw no visual artifacts or experienced lock-ups at any time.  As you may be aware, the GeForce2 GTS chip needs memory bandwidth to survive.  Ramping the core up doesn't have near the effect that higher memory clock speed has.

Let's see what we gained with this new found speed.


Over-clocked Benchmarks and Our Rating


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