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The Hercules Prophet II GTS 64MB
Guillemot or Hercules?  Either way you spell it, we see performance and quality

By Dave "Davo" Altavilla

If you go WAY back, 1982 to be exact which is like an eternity in "net years", with a tenure the PC Industry, you'll know that Hercules was the first company ever to develop high resolution graphics for the computer.   At that time, things were in a drab monochrome output but it didn't take long before this leader and giant in this market was releasing true "Windows Accelerators".  Remember names like the "Graphite" and the "Dynamite"?  They were all the rage and 2D speed was king.

However, the unforgiving and relentless pace of Personal Computing and specifically 3D Graphics technology soon nearly rolled over this historic innovator and creator of the high resolution color desktop.  It was by the figurative "skin of their teeth" that Hercules was scooped up soon after they closed their doors admitting defeat,  by a France based up and comer by the name of Guillemot.  Guillemot, then heavily involved in the 3D Graphics seen, decided to keep the long heritage of the Hercules name and began to release products in the Graphics space, with the brand recognition they needed to truly penetrate the US market.

These days the folks at Hercules are doing what they do best only they are letting the folks at nVidia blaze the 3D Graphics trail.  This is a HotHardware look at a Hercules product based on the GeForce2 GTS Graphics Processor.  We have come a long way from the monochrome and 2D days.  Let's see if Hercules / Guillemot can live up to their good name.

Specifications Of The Hercules Prophet II GTS 64
A reference design?  Not quite...
  • RAMDAC/Pixel Cycle: 350 MHz
  • Memory: 64MB DDR SDRAM
  • Bus Systems: AGP 2x/4x (including fast writes and execute mode) or PCI
  • Standards: DPMS, DDC2B, Plug & Play
  • Video Modules: VGA, TV and DVI Output Connectors
  • BIOS: VESA BIOS 3.0 support
  • API Support: DirectX 6, DirectX 7, OpenGL
  • Internal/Memory Interface Clock: 200MHz/166MHz
  • Horizontal SYNC Signals: 31.5Hz - 108.5Hz
  • Vertical Refresh Rate: 60Hz - 200Hz
  • Robust Cooling of key components with heat sinks on the processor and memory chips
  • Game Demo and DVD Player Bundle Including, Power DVD, Tonic Trouble, Rayman2, Monaco Grand Prix Racing2,  and Speed Busters

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Unlike the Elsa card we reviewed a couple of weeks ago, the Prophet II GTS 64 has all the goodies loaded up here.  It comes with DVI and TV out in addition to the analog VGA connector.  Those of you that were hoping to play games on the 60" Big Screen TV, as well as DVDs, you're in luck with this card.  We feel all manufacturers that are designing a 64MB card should have these features on board. Since the cost of the card is already up there, why not give the end user the "full boat"?  Hercules had their marketing caps on when they came up with the feature set of the Prophet II 64.


Finally, unless you have a vision problem (hey, it could happen...) you'll notice that the Prophet II 64 is adorned in a pretty blue PCB and pretty blue heat sinks all around.  This is above and beyond the call of duty for most OEMs doing nVidia based cards.  It is a welcome feature.  We'll see if those RAM coolers / heat spreaders, really add value in our over-clocking section.

For now, it is safe to say that Hercules went the distance in making the Prophet II GTS 64 a high

quality piece of gear.  Stability with this card should also be excellent at reasonable clock speeds but the proof, as they say, is in the pudding.


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