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Hercules Audio - Muse Pocket USB External Soundcard
Audio at your Fingertips

Jason R.Gibson
February 29, 2004



Final Thoughts
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Glowing Base on Desk Glowing Bottom of Muse Muse Illuminating Box

Once the Muse receives power from the USB Bus, two green LED's light the opaque rubber.  Tilting the Muse on its side, one can clearly see where the LED's are located.  Though this is a nice aesthetic touch by Hercules, there is a small issue we would like to address.  The two LED's that currently illuminate the rubber do an adequate job, but leave darker areas around the outer edge of the Muse's base.  If you refer to the middle image above you can see the shadowed areas on the left and right side of the Muse.  We feel by placing two more LED's of the same type in the shadowed areas of the Muse would create a much more evenly lit effect.

On the whole, we were a bit surprised with the Muse Pocket.  For a device that should have delivered a quality performance, we feel it fell a bit short.  Hercules did produce an external soundcard that offers an appealing array of options, but unfortunately we feel they dropped the ball when it came to overall quality.  Aesthetically the Muse pocket is gorgeous.  The solid aluminium construction and glowing rubber base definitely lands the Muse in my top ten list of sexy peripherals.  But, the poorly calibrated control knob, which is one of the key selling points, was heartbreaking for us.  It is still unclear  how Hercules's rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures could not have picked up on such a major flaw.  Hopefully Hercules's next production run will remedy these issues.

With all of that said, the Muse Pocket is not unusable.  Coming in at a very respectable $69.99 USD, the average user who is looking for a cost effective audio upgrade to their current mobile computing solution will surely find Muse Pocket an adequate choice.  In the end, for delivering a unique product with great looks, average performance and a decent feature set, we are awarding the Hercules Muse Pocket USB External Sound Card 6.5 out of 10 on the heat meter.

  • Solid Aluminium Construction
  • Glowing Base
  • 100% USB Bus Powered
  • 5.1 Surround Sound Support
  • Poorly Calibrated Control Knob
  • High CPU Utilization


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