Gigabyte Open Overclocking Competition 2009

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Here's a look at the final scoreboard. Points were given to the top 5 scores in each benchmark. 3DMark06 points were awarded in two categories, highest HDR/SM3.0 scores and highest overall score. 

After the initial SuperPI round, Miahallen held the lead with 12 points by overclocking his Core i7 965 processor to 5.12GHz and completing the benchmark in 1m 30.969s. Going into the 3DMark06 benchmark, he was able to finish a run that earned enough points to pull off the victory. Miahallen's win is impressive considering he opted to hard mod the videocard in order to raise voltage and was not able to monitor the added juice he was giving the GPU core. Immediately after completing the 3DMark06 benchmark and screenshot, the system crashed and did not come back up. Sno.lcn finished in second place with a strong showing in 3DMark06 round. With his CPU at 4.64GHz and GPU clock at 880MHz, he scored 24869 3DMarks and earned enough to rank #2 in the contest. Maxi rounded out the top 3 by scoring well enough in 3DMark06 to secure third place

To win this competition, you need a combination of skill and focus--and a little bit of luck. As any enthusiast will tell you, every processor is different and some overclock more than others. On this day, we watched as some of the most talented overclockers in North America faced off and eventually crowned a new champion. Miahallen will be accompanied by second place winner, sno.lcn, to represent this region in the world finals. It promises to be the largest overclocking competition ever held as competitors from 26 countries will battle to find out who really is the best in the world.

We'd like to thank Gigabyte, Intel, NVIDIA, Kingston and Enermax for throwing the event and showing us a great time. It is terrific to see companies embrace the extreme enthusiast culture and sponsor this type of contest. Congratulations to the winners and good luck in Taiwan!

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