Gigabyte Open Overclocking Competition 2009

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Extreme Overclocking

This year, Gigabyte went with a different format and cut down the number of benchmarks used in the event. Each competitor was given two hours to submit a SuperPi time. After a 30 minute break, another two hours were allowed for 3DMark06 benchmark runs. The additional time afforded the overclockers the chance to tune voltages and increase core clocks. Also, it provided the opportunity to swap out components if something went wrong.  

Sub-zero temperatures were reached and maintained by a constant flow of liquid nitrogen. Hurried trips to the LN2 tanks for refills occurred throughout the event. Last year's GO OC 2008 Freestyle champions, FUGGER and Vapor, were on hand to show off their skills as well but did not compete as they already have a spot in this year's world finals. FUGGER bypassed the liquid nitrogen pot and went with a monstrous triple stage cascade cooling unit to cool his CPU. Another interesting setup was Mikeguava's submerged system. In a blue plastic container, his components sat in approximately three inches of fluid.   

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