Gigabyte Open Overclocking Competition 2009


This year, 13 top ranked overclockers tested their skills and luck against one another. Here are their current rankings, previous achievements, and thoughts on the GO OC event. 

Jeremiah Allen
Ranked #36 in US on


  • "LN2! Isnt' that stuff dangerous?"

Jody Bailey
Ranked #1 in Canada on


  • Ranked #30 worldwide on
  • "Ready to represent the Great White North with pride. We live in the cold, so we can certainly bench with it."

Gautam Bhatnagar
Ranked #2 in US on


  • Ranked #7 worldwide on
  • Previously held world records in 3DMark06, 05, 03, and PCMark05
  • "Can't wait to meet up with old friends!"

Jeremy Clifton
Ranked #10 in US on


  • Ranked #100 worldwide on
  • "Ain't no party like a Gigabyte OC party!"

Michael Graf
Harcore Overclocker


  • PCMark Vantage score - 20851
  • PCMark05 score - 31055
  • "Let the good times roll."

William Harmon
Ranked #28 in US on


  • "I find it great fun to take just about any CPU and throw it under phase or LN2 cooling to see what it can do. Its a challenge to see what older CPUs can do with modern cooling and to push new hardware as far as I can."

Eric Hassett
GO OC 2008 Freestyle Champion


  • 3DMark06 score - 35550
  • Previously held world record with Gautam
  • "Looking forward to more fun in 2009!"

Vachira Khowdee


  • Forum Wars "Power of 3" Award
  • "I am very excited to have this opportunity to participate in Gigabyte's OC event. It is very exciting to be able to meet and compete with some of the best benchers in the USA. It is great to see Gigabyte bringing these events to the overclocking community."

Matthew Kinley
Ranked #16 in US on


  • Core i7 940 overclocked to 5104MHz using Gigabyte's EX58-Extreme motherboard
  • "Best of luck to everyone! This is going to be classic fun with so many of my friends in one place. Something is bound to happen, eh?"

Ross Lapkoff
Ranked #30 in US on


  • GO OC 2008 US Regional Champion
  • 3rd Place in GO OC 2008 World Finals
  • "Looking forward to another extreme Gigabyte event!"

Mark LeaMaster
Ranked #6 in US on


  • 3rd Place in GO OC 2008 World Finals
  • "This will be a great battle. Good luck everyone!"

Chris Morrell
Ranked #8 in US on


  • "Last year's GO OC has raised my expectations of this event considerably. I look forward to visiting Gigabyte and having a chance to compete against some of the best benchers in the USA."

Charles Wirth
GO OC 2008 Freestyle Champion


  • Owner of

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