Gigabyte GVGF3000 64MB GeForce 3

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The Gigabyte GV-GF3000 64MB GeForce 3
Prepare Yourself...

By, Marco "BigWop" Chiappetta
May 15, 2001

Time for some "next-gen" OpenGL numbers...

More Benchmarks With The Gigabyte GV-GF3000
Almost done...

Dronez is an OpenGL game currently in development by Zetha Gamez.  Dronez uses the advanced shader capabilities of the GeForce 3.  Here is an excerpt of what features are actually used...

  • High polycount featuring extremely smooth characters, objects and detail of the environment
  • Exploiting of four texture units for custom lighting effects combined with multitexturing and custom, glossy bump mapping w/texture shaders and special effects.
  • Use of (a big amount of) Vertex Programs not only to achieve better performance on the usual tasks like skinning and animation, but also to help achieving our unique custom illumination system
  • Texture-Shaders for high quality per-pixel, per-light bump-mapping

There is also an optimized software only pipeline for older GPU's that don't have the same capabilities of the GeForce 3.

The first batch of Dronez numbers were run using the "GeForce 3 Bump" setting, all other options were set to default.


The Dronez benchmark requires 256MB of system RAM to run and loads a massive amount of high-quality textures.


All of the scenes throughout the demo are filled with fully animated, high-poly models such as the ones clickable above.

For the sake of comparison, we ran the same demo using the "GeForce 2 Bump" setting on both the GF3 and GF2 Ultra...

As you can see in the first chart, the performance of the program is enhanced greatly when using the advanced features of the GeForce 3.  Performance doesn't come close in the "GeForce 2 Bump" test above...

We also enabled FSAA at 1024x768x32 using all methods...

With 4X FSAA enabled we see performance drop to "unacceptable" levels in Dronez.  Remember though, the new Quincunx method produces images similar to 4X quality with far better performance.

Hopefully we've shown you what kind of performance to expect from the GeForce 3, and in particular the Gigabyte GV-GF3000.  There is no denying that nVidia's new flagship is a powerhouse of a chip, offering not only new features, but better performance.  With some developers already showcasing products that take advantage of these new features, and many others indicating that their future products will also utilize them, there is little doubt that your next video card purchase should have these capabilities.  With price points already in the $370 range, we're fairly certain many hardcore gamers will immediately purchase GeForce 3's, with other markets sure to follow.  We'll hold of on rating the Gigabyte GV-GF3000 until we see final "retail" product, but if our pre-production model is any indication of what they have in store, Gigabyte will have a winner on their hands.


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