Gigabyte GVGF3000 64MB GeForce 3

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The Gigabyte GV-GF3000 64MB GeForce 3
Prepare Yourself...

By, Marco "BigWop" Chiappetta
May 15, 2001

Continuing with OpenGL testing...


Benchmarks With The Gigabyte GV-GF3000
Keepin' it going...

We also ran MDK2 through some high quality tests at a variety of resolutions using the built-in timedemo.  For all tests, we enabled hardware T&L and maximized the texture quality setting.


Again (as expected), the GeForce 3 powered GV-GF3000 performs excellently.  The Omen engine used to power MDK2 benefits greatly from true hardware T&L and the increased memory bandwidth.  These are the highest numbers we have achieved to date with MDK2.

Next, we ran "Ol' Faithful", Quake 3 Arena through a slew of timedemos at a variety of quality and resolutions...


If you're thinking of buying a GF3 to run Quake 3 at the "Fastest" setting you have "issues", but you'll definitely be pleased with the performance. (as you would be with almost any other card) :)

The "Normal" setting only offers slightly better image quality than the "Fastest" setting, we include these numbers simple for reference...

Even at the highest quality settings, Quake 3 hardly stresses the GeForce 3 powered GV-GF3000 (or the Ultra for that matter), but it does show the benefits of the increased memory bandwidth available.  Even with it's lower "theoretical" fillrate, at higher resolutions the GeForce 3 manhandles the GeForce 2 Ultra, besting it by almost 20FPS at 1280x1024.

For the absolute best image quality in Quake 3, you'll probably want to enable Anti-Aliasing.  We tested the different AA methods using the same high quality settings from the earlier test, at a resolution of 1024x768.  As you can see the game remains perfectly playable using all methods.  Image quality differences between 4X and Quincunx FSAA are indiscernible during gameplay.

Yes, More Benchmarks!


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