Gigabyte GVGF3000 64MB GeForce 3

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The Gigabyte GV-GF3000 64MB GeForce 3
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By, Marco "BigWop" Chiappetta
May 15, 2001

To further test the GV-GF3000's performance under DirectX 8, we ran AquaMark...

Benchmarks With The Gigabyte GV-GF3000
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AquaMark is a benchmark demo / utility derived from the upcoming game AquaNox, being produced by Massive Development and Fishtank.  AquaMark is powered by the Krass Engine, and makes use of the pixel shaders available in DirectX 8.


The Pixel shader was disabled when testing on the GeForce 2 Ultra (because it does not support it in hardware), but enabled on the GeForce 3.  As you can see, at almost every resolution, the GeForce 3 was approximately twice as fast. 

Modem Users Beware..this may take a minute to load

To give you an idea of the graphic effects visible in AquaNox, we've included the above screenshot.  All the action takes place under water with high-poly models and approximately 24MB of textures!

DirectX performance isn't the only ballgame though.  OpenGL development is still very strong, even with all the advances Microsoft has made with DirectX.  Again we've benchmarked using some games that are available today (Serious Sam, MDK2, Quake 3) and one that won't be available for some time (Dronez).

First up, let's take a look at Serious Sam...


Serious Sam has heavy fillrate requirements, especially in the "Co Op Party 4" demo we ran.  You won't see any triple digit framerates, but the GeForce 3 does run this game faster than any other card currently available.

More Benchmarks and The Rating


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