Gigabyte GeForce 8800 GT GV-NX88T512HP

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Performance Summary and Conclusion


Performance Summary: The Gigabyte GV-NX88T512HP performed much as we had expected. Based on our test results, we can conclude that the GV-NX88T512HP provides excellent performance. That performance can be attributed to the generous factory overclock on the card which gives it an advantage over any "reference" GeForce 8800 GT. SLI performance was also good overall and showed solid gains in performance, especially at the higher resolutions.

There is a quite a bit to like about the GV-NX88T512HP. It features a nice factory overclock, the ability to increase the GPU voltage via Gigabyte's Gamer HUD software, and it uses high quality electrical components.  In addition to the aforementioned items, the GV-NX88T512HP also features a custom Zalman cooler, a PCB that is shorter than the reference design, it offers excellent performance, and a 3-year warranty - all for a price of around $250, which seems about average for an overclocked 8800 GT. The only feature on this card that would make us hesitate before outright recommending it is its cooler.  After spending a good amount of time with this card, we feel the cooler's size and noise level may not appeal to some users. At the same time, Zalman makes quality coolers and know many of you are fans of their products. Additionally, we don't think most people have systems that are quiet enough to notice the fan noise of this card, but it is louder than we had expected and we wanted to make you all aware.

So, why didn't Gigabyte just go with a reference cooler? Well, we didn't ask, but we don't mind speculating a little. For one, the Zalman cooler does a better job cooling (7°C cooler at idle and 3°C cooler under load), which is important when you allow users to boost voltage. And secondly (and perhaps more importantly), the GV-NX88T512HP's PCB is not a reference length, which probably means the reference cooler wasn't an option.

Overall, Gigabyte has left us quite impressed with its efforts on the GV-NX88T512HP. We hope that the company continues to innovate and motivate its competitors to do the same. If you want one of the most innovative and best performing 8800 GTs on the market, and don't need the lowest profile or absolute quietest card, then we recommend that you check out the Gigabyte GV-NX88T512HP.


•  Excellent performance
•  Factory overclocked
•  Good overclocker
•  Gamer HUD software provides voltage control
•  3-year warranty
•  High quality electrical components
•  DirectX 10 support
•  Cooler Is Somewhat Loud
•  2-slot card

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