Gigabyte GeForce 8800 GT GV-NX88T512HP

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Overclocking the GV-NX88T512HP


Overclocking the GV-NX88T512HP
Going beyond the stock settings...

Recall that the reference 512MB 8800 GT's GPU clock is 600 MHz. Its memory clock is 900 MHz (1800 MHz DDR), and its shader clock is 1500 MHz. The GV-NX88T512HP comes factory overclocked at 700 MHz (GPU), 920 MHz (memory), and 1700 MHz (shader clock). But we used Gigabyte's Gamer HUD software to overclock the GV-NX88T512HP even further. Once we hit a roadblock, we upped the voltage to 1.2V and were able to reach even higher clocks. Our final stable overclock was 800 MHz for the GPU, 1030 MHz (2060 MHz DDR) for the memory, and 1775 MHz for the shaders, which is pretty impressive.

In the graphs above, you can see how much the overclock helped with performance. The performance gained in 3DMark06 isn't that impressive, but the results in ET: Quake Wars are decent. At 1280x1024, the results are 11% higher, and at 1600x1200, the results are 7.5% higher.

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