Gigabyte Brix S GB-BSi5HT-6200 Ultra Compact SFF PC Review

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Final Thoughts On The Brix S

Performance Summary: The Gigabyte Brix S GB-BSi5HT-6200 performed well throughout our entire battery of benchmarks. The low-power, dual-core Skylake Core i5-6200U processor with Intel HD 520 series graphics at the heart of the system isn’t a barn-burner, and generally finished about in the middle of the pack versus our reference systems in the CPU and GPU-bound tests, but overall system responsiveness and performance is good. The Brix S finished near the top of the charts on the PCMark benchmarks, and our general experience with the system was very positive. When outfitted with fast RAM and a speedy M.2 SSD, like the components we used from Kingston, the Brix S GB-BSi5HT-6200 provides a good user experience. The system boots in a blink, browsing around on-line is plenty fast, office-type tasks and apps are no problem at all and multimedia viewing and streaming is smooth as silk.

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The Gigabyte Brix S GB-BSi5HT-6200 - Find It At Amazon

We really like the Gigabyte Brix S GB-BSi5HT-6200. There are some obvious compromises you need to make, in terms of ultimate performance and upgradability / expandability, with an ultra-small form factor system of this type that’s based on low-power mobile hardware. However, for the vast majority of people who assemble or buy a mainstream PC and never touch its internals, devices like this can make for an attractive, low profile option. For all but the most demanding tasks, the Brix S GB-BSi5HT-6200 offers plenty of performance. We also like the understated design language, and the system is quiet (though, not silent) and power friendly.

The barebones Gigabyte Brix S GB-BSi5HT-6200 is available for about $380. Add some RAM and an SSD and the price will jump to about $550 (or more) depending on the capacities. You’ll also have to provide an operating system. In that price range, you can absolutely find more powerful and higher-performing full-sized systems, but if you want an ultra-small form factor and dig the features and overall aesthetics of the Brix S GB-BSi5HT-6200, it is absolutely worthy of consideration.

 hot  not
  • Tiny, Good Looks
  • Built-In Card Reader
  • Thunderbolt and USB 3.1
  • 802.11ac WiFi or Gigabit Ethernet
  • Pricier Than Full Sized Systems
  • Not A Great Option For Gamers

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