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Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Final Thoughts & Conclusion
Is it hot? Is it not?

Gigabyte has produced just about everything from CPU Coolers to Video Cards. But the PC enclosure / chassis market was uncharted territory for them.  But that's been changed with the introduction of Gigabyte's 3D AURORA case. With the market still flooded with cases ranging from the old style beige box, to flashy animal themed designs, Gigabyte opted for something in between those two extremes. Just as important as it's looks, is the 3D AURORA's functionality and attention to detail. And while it's not perfect, the 3D AURORA is an excellent case for a wide range of system builders.

All things considered, we're quite impressed with Gigabyte's first PC enclosure. The 3D AURORA has solid design that can house a lot of hardware. The storage compartment they've included is an excellent idea, and while you may want to remove it in order to create better airflow or to add extra hard drives, it is a convenient place to store extra cables and screws. Going with a toolless design was also a good decision that really becomes evident when constantly swapping hardware. Though missing a side panel fan, airflow in the case is good thanks to the three large 120mm fans they've included, and the perforated side panel.  And if you're in the market for water cooling, you might want to check out Gigabyte's Galaxy LCS, which is 100% compatible with this case.

We had a fairly smooth ride with the 3D AURORA.  Our only complaint being possible clearance problems with certain motherboards. This is a problem with just about any case though, so make sure to do some research before purchasing this, or any other case. The sheer size of the 3D AURORA may also be a problem for some. In all honesty, you could probably fit some other popular cases into the 3D AURORA!. Other than that though, we're very pleased with the 3D AURORA, and were impressed by Gigabyte's first stab into a new market. For its design, features, and cooling performance, HotHardware gives the Gigabyte 3D AURORA a 9 out of 10 on the Heat Meter.

_Durable lightweight aluminum
_Support for 3D Galaxy LCS
_3x Near silent 120mm case fans
_Extra Features: Storage Compartment, Lightbeam
_Toolless Design
_Space issues with Abit AV8's IDE connectors

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