Gigabyte 3D AURORA Case

Inside The Belly Of The Beast

Pretty on the outside
Spacious Within

If your in the market for something unnoticeable, a case that you can neatly tuck away and blend into your surroundings, this is not the case for you. However, if you want something that will grab the attention of anyone close enough to see the bright blue lights emanating from the front, back, or sides, you'll probably want to keep reading. The front of the 3D Aurora can seem rather plain when you consider some of the more flashy cases out there, but once it's powered up, the front grill emits a fairly strong blue light. If you take a little closer look, you'll notice a unique feature of this case, the light beam projector located at the bottom. We'll touch more on that later, but for now, let's venture into the belly of this beast.



We're going to start from the top and work our way down. With the Gigabyte 3D Aurora, space probably won't be an issue for most of you. There's plenty of room at the top for PSUs of all sizes. We have a Aspire ATX-AS520W PSU inside, and while some have complained of the size of this PSU, it's not an issue here. Heading over to the drive bays, it's nice to see Gigabyte has gone with the toolless case design. Installing a CD/DVD-ROM, hard drive, or floppy drive requires you to push the drive in all the way, and then press the lock button -- no screws are necessary. Further down, you'll find a small storage compartment. Gigabyte has included a small compartment in their case, big enough to hold extra power cables, screws, thermal paste and a host of other items. Fortunately the box can be removed, slightly increasing the airflow from the front intake fan, and also providing room for more hard drives.


Gigabyte has included three massive fans as their standard cooling solution. Two 120mm exhaust fans are located at the back, with one fan located in the front grill. The left side panel of the case contains a screen, so air is also drawn in from the side, cooling your motherboard, CPU, and video card(s). While the fans are big, they're extremely quiet. Because of their size, they are able to move a decent amount of air through the case without creating a substantial amount of noise. If air cooling isn't enough for your beast of a machine, this case is all ready for water cooling as well. Along with the case, Gigabyte has also released it's own water cooling solution, the 3D Galaxy LCS. The two holes found on the bottom right on the back of the case can be used for connecting the tubes to the radiator.


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