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Half-Life 2

Performance Comparisons with Half-Life 2

Half Life 2
Thanks to the dedication of hardcore PC gamers and a huge mod-community, the original Half-Life became one of the most successful first person shooters of all time.  So, when Valve announced Half-Life 2 was close to completion in mid-2003, gamers the world over sat in eager anticipation. Unfortunately, thanks to a compromised internal network, the theft of a portion of the game's source code, and a tumultuous relationship with the game's distributor, Vivendi Universal, we all had to wait until November 2004 to get our hands on this classic. We benchmarked Half-Life 2 with a long, custom-recorded timedemo in the "Canals" map, that takes us through both outdoor and indoor environments. These tests were run at resolutions of 1024 x 768 and 1280 x 1024 without any anti-aliasing or anisotropic filtering and with 4X anti-aliasing and 8X anisotropic filtering enabled concurrently.



Our first test with Half life 2 shows that even though NVIDIA's latest on-board graphics solution is more capable than previous offerings, it's still not powerful enough to provide a smooth gaming experience with one of today's hottest games. The best score we managed to get was 34.59 FPS when using no Anti-Aliasing or Anisotropic Filtering. Obviously, adding a discreet video card produced much better results, which are only a few FPS behind the ASUS A8N Deluxe board.

Raising the resolution only lowered the scores, but again though, adding a video card brings the Foxconn WinFast 6150K8MA-8EKRS within striking distance of its competition.

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