Fallout 4 Gameplay And Performance Review

Our Opinion & The Wrap Up

Despite the lack of gameplay variety and the odd adherence to violence for a role playing game, Fallout 4 is good fun. Gunplay has improved over previous installments, leaving players more apt to manually fire rather than always relying on the Vaultec Automatic Targeting System (V.A.T.S). The game's 12 different companions seem to engage enemies more and feature far better pathfinding than in previous games too. Now, we would love to see a more social multiplayer co-op Fallout. But we’re not there yet. As it stands this is another great RPG from some of the best RPG makers in the business.

fallout4 screenshot18

We just hope Bethesda takes note; we get that the world is supposed to be hostile. Locals are not supposed to be trusting; that’s all clear. However, does everybody have to shoot first and never ask questions later? it seems a bit contrived and robotic. Fallout 4 is supposed to be an RPG. I would like to play the role of a nice fellow who is rewarded in some way for charisma or my ability to help the locals, which in turn is supposed to change the way they see me and react toward my character in-game.

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We should also mention the actual combat. Where the Witcher 3 excelled with combat, Fallout 4 feels a bit hollow, with lackluster animations particularly for jumping. Alternatively, the Witcher 3 did not spur players to do hardcore exploring for the sake of exploration—it was more to find new baddies and cool armor or weapons because the whole combat side of the game is so well polished. In Fallout 4 it’s just fun to traverse the wasteland listening to old 50s tunes while hoping to capitalize on a random fight between the game’s non-playable characters. We just wish there was more of that dynamism that allowed the game to grow more organically.

Regardless, if you're a fan of the series, this inclusion is a must-have. Fallout 4 is an installment you will not want to miss. It plays well on mainstream hardware, looks great and virtually commands several play-throughs to take-in the full scope of the game. There is little in the way of technical innovation here, but what we do get is a well-polished and refined entry into a fantastic game series. 

So, how are you enjoying your time in the wasteland? Please let us know in the comment--we'd love to hear your Fallout 4 stories...
hothardware recommended
hot not
  • Enormous in scope and content
  • ...which demands to be explored
  • Gun mechanics greatly improved
  • Engaging character creation system
  • Power Armor more rewarding experience 
  • Very familiar gameplay
  • Smarter, useful companion AI
  • Improved PipBoy with added functionality
  • Gameplay too familiar for some 
  • Too much emphasis on killing everything
  • Pip-Boy, a clunky window to everything

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