EVGA X58 3X SLI Core i7 Motherboard

Futuremark PCMark Vantage

Futuremark PCMark Vantage
Simulated Application Performance

We then ran our test motherboards through PCMark Vantage, Futuremark’s latest system performance metric built especially for Windows Vista. PCMark Vantage runs through a host of different usage scenarios to simulate different types of workloads, including High Definition TV and movie playback and manipulation, gaming, image editing and manipulation, music compression, communications, and productivity. Most of the tests are multi-threaded as well, so they can exploit the additional resources offered by multi-core CPUs.

There aren't any major revelations to take away here with PCMark Vantage.  However, our EVGA X58 3X SLI board did post the second highest PCMark score of the four X58 Express boards we tested.  Beyond that the EVGA motherboard traded spots with the other boards in our mix, sometimes winnning a few, other times losing.

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