EVGA 2800 SuperSC DDR4 Memory Review: Exploring Speeds Up To 2800MHz

Benchmark Testing EVGA's 2800 SuperSC DDR4 Memory

We tested the EVGA 2800 SuperSC DDR4 Series 16GB kit at Intel validated speeds of 2133MHz and then overclocked at logical overclock points of 2400/2666/2800MHz. While 2800MHz is achievable on the Corsair kit, its max factory recognized speed is 2666MHz with timings of 16-18-18-35. Our featured EVGA kit employs slightly tighter timings of 16-16-16-36 at speeds all the way up to 2800MHz.

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On the benchmark front, we are testing system memory performance, latency and content creation speeds using SiSoft Sandra 2015, AIDA 64 and PCMark 8, respectively. Our game test is the in-game benchmark built into Metro Last Light Redux. There we test with an EVGA GTX 970 SSC discrete GPU at medium settings, resolution is kept at 1080p so game tests are not GPU-bound. And then we test with the Intel IGP on our Skylake CPU to show performance variances with that setup as well, where higher system memory bandwidth could potentially result in larger (relatively speaking) performance gains. The processor clocks were kept at their default values.





The EVGA High Performance 2800 SuperSC DDR4 Series 16GB kit shows solid performance throughout. We could not get more out of the kit's timings and relaxing them to increase speed beyond 2800MHz lead to an unstable system. However, we do see a slight increase in performance across the board as we kicked things up from 2133 to 2800MHz. Comparatively, the Corsair kit with the slightly more relaxed, higher latency timings came in with less favorable results, especially when pushed beyond spec to 2800MHz. All told, the EVGA memory kit offered rock-solid out-of-the-box performance at its rated speeds and timings. There's likely a bit more to gain with some simple BIOS tinkering, but at these speeds we can see the variances in performance are slim.

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