EVGA Bigfoot Networks Killer Xeno Pro Review

Drivers and Software


Installation of the Killer Xeno Pro is very straightforward, despite the relative complexity of the card in relation to most other NICs or the network controllers integrated onto most motherboards.

Bigfoot Networks Killer Xeno Pro NIC
Drivers and Software

Simply insert the card, connect the audio pass throughs to the aux input on your sound card, install its drivers, and you're basically done. With the installation complete, an icon will be present in the system tray that gives user's access to the card's control panel and a few simple toggles.

Clicking on the system tray icon opens the menu above and allows users to quickly switch between game and application modes and access the Zeno configuration tools or bandwidth control menu. Game mode is just what it sounds like--the mode in which the card bypasses the Windows network stack and prioritized game data for reduced latency. Clicking on the Xeno configuration menu option, opens up the card's control panel, which is represented in the images below.


On the main screen user's are able to alter the card's link speed or configure the Xeno Pro's LLR mode for games or better application compatibility. And on the TCP tab, users can alter a trio of settings from MTU size to ACK (acknowledgement) frequency and Algorithm control. There is a third tab labeled "About" as well (not pictured) that shows the driver version and features a diagnose button that lists some specifics about the card when pressed.

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