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The Enhanced Leadtek Winfast GeForce GTS
Chock full of good stuff...

By, Jeff Bouton
December 28, 2000

H.H. Test System

Full Tower ATX Case w/ 300W PS, Pentium III 933EB, Tyan S1854 (Via 133A) Motherboard and Leadtek WinFast GeForce 2 GTS AGP Card w/64MB of DDR SGRAM, 256MB of PC133 True CAS2 SDRAM, Maxtor 20Gig 5400 RPM ATA100 Hard Drive, Pioneer 16max DVD-ROM, Windows ME, DirectX 8.0, nVidia reference drivers (Detonator 3 6.31)  

Benchmarks With The Enhanced Winfast GeForce 2 GTS
More OpenGL...

First up, the ?fastest? settings?

Quake 3 Arena

No Problemo.  Now we?ll up it to ?normal? settings? 

As you can see, Quake 3 is very playable at both the ?Fastest? & ?Normal? settings, but the true test is yet to come.  If we have a good card then we should run it like one, so let us put it to the ?High Quality? test with all options set to maximum. 

Again, these are very respectable numbers.  With a little over-clocking, 1600X1200X16 is very playable!  Take a look?  

Ok, I think it?s safe to say that this card performs exceptionally well right on through the 1600X1200X16 range.  And I think that any hardcore gamer would be more than satisfied with the results we achieved.  But we?re not done yet!  Some of these results come close to some Ultra cards that were recently tested here at HH.  So I think it?s only fair we really put the screws to it by testing out FSAA with the Quake 3 Demo.  But before we do that, I want to show you some screen shots of several other games we played with FSAA enable at 2X2.  First up is FAAK2.  This is one of my favorite games.  The scenery is stunning and I don?t just mean the main character J.  Below is a small sample.  Beware modem users: the full size will take a few minutes to open?but I think it?s worth it?

Another popular game that obviously has made it into our test plan is MDK2.  At first I really wasn?t interested in trying the game but with some persistent nagging from the BigWop, I have seen the light!  This game?s a blast? 

Now what do you say we get to those Quake 3 tests, hmmm?

With the Quake 3 tests with FSAA enabled, we ran both default and over-clocked test in ?High Quality? with all options set to maximum.  First up are the default settings?

Uh oh, I think we?re starting to see some problems.  Maybe if we kick the MHz up, we?ll get to play it at 800X600x32?.

?then again maybe not.  Although this card has treaded into Ultra territory throughout our testing, it?s obvious that it?s not quite capable of handling Quake 3 at the HQ setting with FSAA enabled.  But we did have some success with other games like FAAK2, MDK2 and Giants.  And of course, based on the system you have, you may have better results with Quake 3. 

Although this doesn?t quite keep up with other cards in its class, it has shown outstanding overall performance.  We found it to have a number of excellent features like Hardware Monitor and a unique cooling system.  The one thing that we love to see here at HH is new and unique innovations.  The card was easily over-clockable with little heat concerns and ran stable at 250/390MHz.  It has been established that FSAA in Quake 3 was a bit too much of a challenge for this card but the results in other games like FAAK2 and MDK2 were stunning.  The bottom line is, if you?re looking for a better than average performing video card with some unique extra features, you can?t go wrong with the Leadtek Enahnced WinFast GeForce 2 GTS.  We give this card a HH rating of...

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