Enhanced Leadtek Winfast GeForce 2 GTS

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The Enhanced Leadtek Winfast GeForce GTS
Chock full of good stuff...

By, Jeff Bouton
December 28, 2000

It seems like every time you turn around these days, a leading manufacturer releases yet another new video card on the market.  Ever since the release of nVidia?s line of GeForce/GeForce2 GPUs, the introduction of powerful display cards has become commonplace.  With this ?Boom? in the market, we?ve had the opportunity to see some really exciting products.  But it is also becoming increasingly difficult for the buyer to discern which card has the right balance between features and price.  If money is no object, then there isn?t too much to worry about. If it says ultra, it?s pretty hard to go wrong.  But for those of us who think that ultra is only what dreams are made of, we need to be a little more selective before spending a couple of hundred dollars or more on a performance card.  

Well, we?re not alone. The folks at Leadtek have been thinking about that too.  With their latest release they are hoping to provide those of us in the ?middle-class? with a video card that gives the best all around performance for the dollar.  With an aggressive production rate that has yielded some of the better display adapters on the market today, Leadtek has made its presence known in today?s video card market.  This time around Leadtek has strayed from the normal reference design and the new Enhanced Leadtek GeForce 2 GTS was born. 


Specifications Of The Leadtek Enhanced Winfast GeForce 2 GTS
Slightly more than a reference board!
  • Second Generation Nvidia GeForce2 Chipset.
  • On Board 128-Bit 64MB -5.5ns DDR Memory
  • DVD software included
  • 350 MHz RAMDAC
  • AGP 4X/2X, AGP texturing and Fast Write supports
  • Microsoft DirectX and OpenGL Optimizations and support
  • DirectX Texture Compression & S3TC support
  • Per-Pixel Shading
  • 32-bit Z/Stencil Buffer
  • Second Generation Integrated Transform and Lighting (T&L) Engines
  • High-Performance Hardware Anti-Aliasing
  • Drivers Support for Win 9X, Win ME, Win NT4, Win2K
  • Leadtek WinFox system utility
  • 64MB 5.5ns Memory onboard
  • Support RCA & S-video TV-out
  • Special Designed Active Cooling Module
  • Hardware Sensor to monitor temperature, voltage and speed of the chip, cooling module and board
  • 3 LEDs are embedded onboard to help users identify the hardware status.

The Leadtek Enhanced WinFast GeForce 2 GTS comes standard with a driver installation disk and a second CD full of programs like WinFastDVD, Colorific, 3Deep, and True Internet Color.  In addition, both an RCA and S-Video adapter are included for use with TV-OUT.

Installation and Drivers


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