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Elsa's Erazor X - GeForce & Revelator 3D Shutter Glasses

Breaking out from the "me too" crowd.



The above product shot on the left is the wired version. The right shot is the wireless. We have tested both models here at Hot Hardware but we definitely like the advantages of the wireless approach. The model we tested for this review was the wireless version.

This is a diagram of the connection for both versions of the glasses.

The infrared model we tested comes with a small CR2032 type watch battery mounted in the front frame to give it power. For both versions, you simply connect the patch cable to the Erazor X and the other end to your monitor cable. The small circular din cable then connects to the infrared module cable or directly to the cable of the Revelator if you have the cable version.

3D Revelator Set Up and Testing

The wireless version of the 3D Revelator glasses we tested installed easily and the drivers were straight forward. Here is a screen shot of the driver panel which shows you some of the features.

(click image for larger view)

Elsa gives you the ability to set the glasses up with different configurations depending on the game you are playing. As you can see from the above shot, they also have included a bunch of presets for various games. You can also set up your own presets with the drivers. This way you can choose the level of "stereo width" that is right for you. This "stereo width" is the number of pixels that a rendered scene is offset from the left to right shutter on the glasses. This determines the depth that you perceive when looking at your monitor through the 3D Revelators.

These glasses separate the two offset images on your screen by blocking one of the stereo images out so that from one eye's perspective only one image is seen and the other eye sees only the other offset image. Each lens shuts on and off at a high speed such that your eyes don't perceive the shutter much if at all, depending on your monitor refresh rate, which needs to be very high. You should plan to have a monitor that can support at least 100Hz. at the resolution you want to work with. Preferably, 120-140 Hz. is optimal.

Regardless, the end result is a level of 3D perception and immersion much like the 3D movies you have seen in movie theaters with the green and red glasses. However, the effect with the 3D Revelator glasses and your monitor is MUCH more impressive.


These glasses work only with DirectX driven games. The list of DirectX supported games is now huge and so there is plenty to choose from and some day all games are sure to have DirectX support.

We are totally impressed with the performance of the 3D Revelators. The effect these glasses have when they are dialed in correctly, is absolutely fantastic. They are a lot of fun to play with and the effect really adds to the experience.

Let's move out....

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