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Elsa's Erazor X - GeForce & Revelator 3D Shutter Glasses

Breaking out from the "me too" crowd.

Now that NVidia GeForce based cards are beginning to flow more freely, the race is beginning to blur a little with many vendors producing "me too" products based solely on the NVidia reference design. This is a look at a new GeForce based card from Elsa that has the promise of something different versus the other GeForce cards on the market.

OH my skull !

This guy looks like he has an Excedrine headache. Probably because he works too hard and doesn't play enough Q3 on his Erazor X! When we opened the box of the Elsa ErazorX we were pleasantly surprised to see that Elsa didn't follow the same old reference design but decided to grow their own.

(click image for larger view)

Erazor X !

Now that's what I call an efficient use of FR4 (printed circuit board material). This board is a well laid out clean design. It is also very compact and takes up little room in your PC case.

The heat sink and fan combo on the board is also a solid piece of cooling hardware. Spring loaded pushpins hold it down but it is also attached by another method of thermally conductive glue or tape. In any event, you won't need to find out exactly what is holding that heatsink on because it does a VERY good job of keeping the GeForce chip cool. This is by far the best stock cooling solution we have seen on a video card with the possible exception of Matrox's G400MAX.

We'll take a look at the Revelator Glasses shortly. For now, here's what the Erazor X is made of.


Product Specifications

  • Controller: NVIDIA GeFofrce 256,First Graphics Processing Unit
  • Display Memory: 32MB - High Speed
  • Horizontal Sync Signals: 31.5KHz - 108.5KHz
  • Vertical Refresh: 60Hz - 200Hz
  • Bus System: AGP 2x/4x
  • Maximum Dot (Pixel) Rate: 350MHz RAMDAC
  • API Support: DirectX 6, DirectX 7, OpenGL ICD
  • Other Standards: VESA Bios 3.0, DPMS, DDC2B, Plug & Play
  • 3D Hardware:
  • 4 independent rendering pipelines, hardware transformation and lighting, multi-texturing, bump mapping,environmental mapping, procedural texturing, table fog, shadow stenciling, bilinear,trilinear and 8-tap anisotropic texture filtering, MIP mapping
  • Single Chip GPU: (Graphics Processing Unit)
  • On-chip integration of the entire 3D pipeline (Transformation, lighting, setup, and rendering)
  • Independent Pipeline QuadEngine: Separate engines for transformation, lighting, setup and delivers 15 million triangles per second.
  • 256 - Bit Quad Pipe Rendering engine
  • Four independent pixel- rendering pipelines deliver up to 480 million 8- sample fully filtered pixels per second.
  • Complete support for New Microsoft DirectX 7 and OpenGL Features
  • AGP 4X with fast writes:
  • 256 - Bit Rendering Engine
  • Itergrated Transforms and lighting delivers 2 -4 times the triangle rate for the 2 - 4 times more detailed 3D scenes.

This is your basic GeForce punch list but it is the way the card is designed that makes the Erazor X unique. It is a design we feel works well. There is no TV out on this model however Elsa does use very high speed Samsung 64Mb SDRAM on their design, rated at 5.5ns.
So, let's have a look at those glasses... 

 Is that you behind those 3D Revelators? --->


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