E3 Day 3: EA, Blizzard, Microsoft & More

E3 Day 3, EA

"I wish we could open our eyes to see in all directions at the same time. Oh, what a beautiful view . . ." - Death Cab For Cutie


Some "Special" folks at E3...

Gears of War Mural

Classic Gaming in Kentia Hall

More Classic Gaming...

And Zaxxon - Such Memories!

Hello & Goodbye - The Final Day At E3, Day Three

There's a myriad of things to see and do at E3, and after two solid days of hoofing it around the convention center, it still feels like there's so much yet to see. The morning started out in Kentia Hall. It's typically where many lesser known companies set up their booths, but it's also a good location to meet and do business. And that's what AMD was thinking when we met with them in a non-descript meeting room with a locking door in the back of Kentia Hall. HotHardware.com will be bringing you plenty of kick-ass AMD news in the coming weeks and let us just say that for now we're in the calm before the storm.

Next, I checked out what Electronic Arts had to offer.

Showing off Crysis

Spore: E3's Top Pick

EA's Surround Room

Crysis looked stunning and certainly did not look like it was running on an "average" machine, as an EA rep pointed out. Crysis, along with Flight Simulator X, is being developed as a DirectX 10 title. The graphical leap past FarCry is visually very obvious. Mowing down small trees is much better seen than described and those palm fronds look absolutely real.

Command & Conquer 3 was just a video that looked cool, but was pretty obviously gussied up. It's still too early to know how the game will turn out though.

Have you heard of Spore? Oh my, this game is magnificent. Will Wright (creator of Sim City, The Sims, etc.) has created a truly innovative game where you start as a single cell organism and work your way to the stars. I'm guessing we won't see this until 2007 since EA was not showing the game on the floor, but it's a title PC gamers should be looking forward to. Also, I believe the current issue of Computer Gaming World has a cover story on Spore, which may be worth your time to check out.

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