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Voodoo-HP, NVIDIA, Crucial, Mac, Wii and PS3


HP Voodoo PC:

At our first stop we were greeted by the good folks at HP showing off their latest wares including a fully decked out Voodoo OMEN Core 2 Duo-based rig.  But where was Rahul?


"Imagine the possibilities" if you were acquired?  Mr. Sood certainly let his imagination run wild and we're sure a dream came true here and there too.  Yes, that's the HP logo and things are progressing well for the Voodoo assimilation, so we're told.  Hopefully they'll be able to maintain all the many good things that make their end product so impressive to the true-blue enthusiast segment.



NVIDIA's booth was decked out with a ton of mobile and notebook gear underscoring the company's recent announcement of the GeForce Go 7900 GS and GeForce Go 7950 GTX product lines. 


That's a little Dark Messiah action on an Alienware Aurora m9700 with dual GeForce Go 7900GS MXM cards under its hood.  NVIDIA Product Manager Rick Allen deals out a bit of pain and F.E.A.R on a new Dell XPS M1710 notebook to the far right.  Both machines were running at 1920X1200 and with a little 2X AA smoothing the pixels, things were crispy clean and frame-rates buttery smooth.


Crucial, Mac And Nintendo Wii:

At the left is Crucial's booth with an "Install As Many Memory Modules As You Can" contest going on.  Please. We could do this with our eyes closed, one hand tied behind our backs and without even a ground strap.  Probably why they wouldn't let us enter the contest.  The nerve!



At the upper-right is a MacBook Pro running, you guessed it, Windows Vista.  It's like hell froze over, pigs flew and the Red Sox beat the Yankees to move on and win the World Series.  Oh wait, that really did happen.

Finally, Nintendo's Wii system was vulcanized in a plexiglass case never to be poked or prodded by any of the greasy-fingered audience.  As an aside, Sony had their PS3 up and running on a wide-screen as well.  The graphics quite frankly were a big yawn in the one Basketball game that was being played.  Xbox 360 owners won't be jonesing too much there we don't think.

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