DigitalLife Photo-Showcase, AMD 4x4 and More

Show Opener, Carmen Electra and The Blue Tooth Sig?


This year's DigitalLife show in New York City seemed to be just a bit more festive, a bit more "real-deal", or perhaps we should just say a bit more well-attended from both an exhibitor and audience perspective?  In fact, since Ziff Davis picked up the gig, it has turned out to be like a mini-CES here on the east coast. There was also a big focus on gaming and entertainment this year, perhaps picking up where the dilapidated and now defunct E3 left off.

As always, there were sights to see and excitement in the air.  Or was that just Carmen Electra?  Mmmm...Carmen -- Fetching as ever.  Sort of like the effect she has on most men, turning them into rabid dogs. Perhaps that's where the term "fetching" originated when speaking about the fairer sex. Fetching, as in, "here boy, fetch" (pant, pant).  Ahh, but we digress, there were many other exhibits to take in, though Carmen beseeched us to hang with her, flanked on either side like the techno-studs we truly are.  "Sorry sweets, we have business to attend to -- people to meet, technology to immerse ourselves in, business plans to pick apart like surgeons or coroners", depending on whom we were talking to.  Right-right, the show must go on.  All apologies Carmen, we'll see if we can squeeze you in for a decaf moca latte later after we meet with a few important folks.  Ta-ta for now honey!  It's show time.

Blue Tooth SIG (Special Interest Group):

Our first encounter of the non-Carmen kind came in the form of a small USB key drive containing product highlights of technology partners of the Blue Tooth SIG, like Nokia showing off their new cellular bling, the E61 -- 3G Wireless, WiFi and of course BT enabled smartphone. 

The E61 could very well give CrackBerries and Treos a solid case of indigestion.

Mot's IHF1000 hands free car kit is a pretty swank multi-function device that pairs with BT enabled phones, dials by name, number or little-black-book hottie coefficient rating. 

OK we made that last one up but it's got Blue Tooth goodness and a ton of features that will keep you on the road so you don't have to talk on the phone, drink a double espresso and drive with your knee.  Don't say you've never done that either. 

Regardless, we were in search of heavy gear and the DL extravaganza came packin'...

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