Digital Storm Bolt 3 SFF Gaming PC: A Compact Powerhouse

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GTA V, Thief, Mordor Performance

GTA V, Thief, and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
It's a gaming smorgasbord.

We tested out three other fairly graphically demanding games on the Bolt 3— Grand Theft Auto V, Thief, and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Rather than comparing the Bolt 3 against a bunch of different PCs, though, we ran each benchmark at different resolutions (identical quality settings) to get a sense of how well they do for gamers with different monitor types. And because we didn't have a large enough pool of worthwhile comparison data.


HH Thief

HH Shadow
In general, the Bolt 3 handled all the games fairly well save for Thief, where it faltered a bit trying to dish out 4K imagery on the game's high quality settings. Since this is a single-card system, and you have no way to upgrade unless you replace the entire video card (which, likely wouldn't be powerful enough to play all games at top-quality settings on a 4K monitor anyway, if a 980 Ti can't), you'll probably want to stick to a non-4K monitor to ensure that you can run all of your games at top quality settings.

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