Digital Storm Vanquish II (Level 4) Gaming PC Review

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Power Consumption & Noise

We measured just how much juice this thing pulls from the wall both at idle and under load.

In this case, the fact that the Vanquish II is at the bottom of the chart is a good thing--that means it was the most power-friendly system in the bunch, and it wasn’t even close. At idle, this rig pulls just 62.5W; the next-best system pulls 112W. Under load it is even more apparent, as the Vanquish II drinks 295W, which is very little compared to, say, the 780W the monster Maingear Rush demands.

In terms of noise, the Vanquish II was remarkably silent. Even under a full load, the fans were barely audible. We’re happy Digital Storm pulled that one off--cheers to them on that point.

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