Dell Venue 8 Pro and Venue 8 Do Windows and Android

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Performance: Graphics

Graphics Performance
Testing the GPU

Neither tablet knocked it out of the park in the GFXBench Off Screen test. The Venue 8 is a value-priced tablet, so you shouldn’t expect it to be a graphics powerhouse, but the Venue 8 Pro’s price tag makes its graphics performance in this benchmark a little more disappointing.

3DMark Ice Storm Extreme tells a similar story. The tablets outmatched the Galaxy Notes that we’ve tested, but fell behind the new Nexus 7 and, of course, the Apple iPad Air and mini. In 3DMark: Ice Storm's Unlimited setting, the Venue 8 scored 7738 and the Venue 8 Pro rolled in with 15508.

We put the Android-based Venue 8 through a few tests that aren’t available for Windows tablets. The Venue 8’s scores here are more of the same: it’s a fairly inexpensive tablet that can handle itself, but isn’t built for screaming graphics performance.

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