Dell Inspiron 15: NVIDIA GPU Brings The Game

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Battery Life

Poor battery life can be a deal breaker for a mobile device. Unfortunately, it’s also somewhat hard to assess: how fast you burn through a laptop’s battery depends not only on its quality, but the tasks you’re running and what features are enabled (think Wi-Fi). Still, benchmarks can give you a general picture of what to expect from your new laptop’s battery.

We run two tests. Battery Eater Pro puts the system through its paces and wears down the battery in a few hours. The Web browsing test is just what it sounds like: the laptop refreshes a webpage regularly until the battery is exhausted.

We like the Dell Inspiron 15 7537’s BatteryEater Pro time of two hours and 42 minutes, which puts it near the top of the pack. It held out for eight hours and 50 minutes in our browsing test. That’s a reasonable performance, but if having the system last you for most of your workday on one charge is important to you, keep in mind that doing more than casual Web surfing is going to tax that battery even faster. 

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