Dell Inspiron 11 3000: A 2-in-1 For The Masses

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Battery Life

There are some laptops these days that can get through the day on a single charge, and many more that will give you several good hours of work before needing juice. We run two tests to give you a sense of how long the system will last under light and heavy use. The Web browsing test is a light-use scenario in which it refreshes a webpage over a WiFi connection until the battery is exhausted. Battery Eater Pro gives the laptop a heavier workload to simulate the kind of stress you might put on it during an average workday.

Battery Eater Pro and Web Browsing Tests
Battery Life Testing

The Dell Inspiron 11 3000 handled itself well in the Web browsing test, refreshing the webpage for nearly eight hours before giving up. Given that the convertible is better suited to light use anyway, that’s not a bad score. And in Battery Eater Pro, the system took top honors, even edging out Dell’s XPS 13. That’s good news for anyone facing long meetings or lectures.

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