Crucial BX300 3D MLC SSD Review: Affordable, Durable, Solid State Storage

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Crucial BX300 SSD - The Verdict

Performance Summary: The 240GB Crucial BX300 series SSD we tested proved to be a solid performer. Sequential read speeds and access times were relatively strong in comparison to the other SATA SSDs we tested, but sequential writes typically fell about in the middle of the pack. 4K Random writes, however, were relatively good and competitive with other affordably priced SATA-based solid state drives.

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Crucial BX300 Series SSDs - Find Them At Amazon

As we have seen with many of the recently released SATA-based solid state drives, the Crucial BX300 is bumping into the limitations of the SATA interface. Even still, a SSD like the BX300 still represents a massive upgrade over traditional spinning hard drives in virtually every area – access times, sequential transfers, random 4K transfers, etc. Solid state drives remain more expensive one a per gigabyte basis than hard drives, but that’s been the case since the beginning and will remain true for all SSDs, for quite some time.

Crucial targets the BX300 series at budget-conscious users, in need of a small to mid-range capacity SSD. Street prices for the drives are not the lowest out there, but they are competitive in light of the BX300’s performance. As of this writing pricing for the entire series is as follows:
At today’s prices, the 120GB model lands at about $0.50 a GB, which is somewhat high, while the 240GB and 480GB drive are a much more palatable $0.36 and $0.31 per GB. If you’re still stuck chugging along with a hard drive and are considering an upgrade to an affordable SATA SSD, we recommend giving the Crucial BX300 series a look.
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Good Performance
  • "Only" SATA
  • Can't Topple The SSD 850 EVO

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