CrazyPC Biohazard Case MOD Review

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The CrazyPC Biohazard Case MOD Review
Getting Crazy with Lian-Li

By, Jeff Bouton
July 23, 2002

More of the CrazyPC Biohazard Case Mod (Silver)

At the very bottom front of the unit is 4 USB ports.  Although the additional ports are a nice feature, there are a couple of potential problems.  For one, most people we come in contact with place their towers on the floor which makes the placement of the USB ports less than ideal.  We would've liked to see them mounted higher on the case so it wasn't such a struggle to get to them.  The second issue is the way the internal connectors for the USB ports are designed.  With slight variations in USB headers on motherboards, it would be impossible for Lian-Li to guarantee compatibility without keeping each pin connector separate from each other.  This can be a precarious situation for the novice user who would need a detailed owner's manual to get the job accomplished without problems.  When connecting these pins to the USB header on the motherboard, special attention must be paid to ensure that damage is not done to the motherboard.


The system also comes equipped with a fan switch that allows for 3 separate fan speed adjustments.  By default the unit is set up to control the speed of the lower two intake fans, although we don't see why all of the fans couldn't be piggy-backed through the switch.  Like the USB ports, however, this switch is not easily accessed and in this case the cover needs to be removed.  Surely the overclocker wouldn't mind the convenience of kicking the fans speeds up a notch when the heat begins to build during heavy loads.  Hopefully in future models this feature would be more readily accessible for the user.




The lower hard drive cage is track mounted and easily removed by loosening two thumbscrews.  The unit can house a total of 5 hard drives in a vertical position.  The vertical positioning allows for the heat from the hard drives to rise to the upper exhaust fans efficiently.  The motherboard mounting tray is held in place by four screws and can be removed from the systems with minimal effort.  Once the IDE, LED and other connectors are disconnected, the entire system can be removed.  We found this ideal when building this system allowing us to get each component in place and most of the wires bundled before the motherboard was even in the unit.




After giving the PC-60 a looking over, we've come to the conclusion that you really do get what you pay for in the long run.  We were pleased with the system's over all design and construction, but our pleasure didn't stop there.  Lian-Li did a great job of including an ample supply of screws, clips, zip ties and plastic hooks to help complete the installation and neaten everything up.

Normally, when we are reviewing a component, we don't need to focus on how neat the test rig is set up since we are more focused on quality and performance.  However, we knew that with a case this nice, we better pay attention to the details.  So, what do you say we put this system together and see how good it looks?

The Biohazard MOD, Finished Product and FInal Thoughts

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