CrazyPC Biohazard Case MOD Review

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The CrazyPC Biohazard Case MOD Review
Getting Crazy with Lian-Li

By, Jeff Bouton
July 23, 2002

As with any hobby, there are your avid enthusiasts and there are those who like to take the things to the next level.  We all see this in some shape or form on a daily basis.  Every neighborhood has an old man that is always in his driveway polishing his car.  He is the classic example of a car enthusiast.  Then there are the hot rodders who are always rebuilding, modifying and dressing up their classic old cars.  These are the guys who are taking it to a higher level.  Another example of this can be found in avid movie-goers.  There are some who love to go to Star Wars or Star Trek movies because they love the story line and characters.  Then there are those who like to go to the movies dressed up as their favorite character, reciting movie lines and re-enacting scenes, leaving the rest of us scratching our heads.  Then there is the every growing PC enthusiast crowd. 

It seems that case modding is becoming more and more popular these days.  Several large websites like CrazyPC dedicate themselves to offering the latest hardware for people who want more out of the rigs.  Some will simply buy a motherboard with a colored PCB, while others are adding lights, windows and anything else that will make their rig look special.  Today we have a unit that definitely falls in the later category.  CrazyPC has put together the Biohazard Case MOD, which matches a high quality Lian-Li case with some impressive laser cut designs.  Let's take a look!

Specifications of the CrazyPC Biohazard Case Mod (Silver)
CrazyPC + Lian Li = An Infectious Design...



All aluminum construction with superb Lian-Li quality
Comes with Biohazard window panel
Cold Cathode Light Kit (OPTIONAL - your choice of color is listed above)
Anodized aluminum with silver finish
Removable motherboard tray
Fan filters for front fan
Top exhaust fan for superior ventilation (4 fans in entire case)
Motherboard connectors for power, reset, led headers.
Easy access side panels with thumbscrews
PCI Slot covers with thumbscrews
4 USB ports on front of case


Drive Bays - 4 x 5.25" external, 3 x 3.5" external, 5 x 3.5" internal
Case Entry - Easy access side panels are removed with thumbscrews.
External switches and lights - HDD LED, power LED, power switch, reset switch
Motherboard - Removable motherboard tray. Supports ATX, Extended ATX, Pentium 4 compatible
ATX Power Supply - NO POWER SUPPLY BY DEFAULT. You can select a power supply from the list of power supply upgrades above.
Case Fans - 2 x 80mm fans in front of case, 1 x 80mm fan in back of case, 1 x 80mm top fan (blow hole)
Dimensions - 492L x 210W x 450H mm- 19-1/4"L x 8-1/4"W x 17-5/8"H

The Biohazard panel is cut using an extremely precise laser cutter which insures that each unit is a perfect match. The pattern's edges are smooth and the Plexiglas is secured with a very strong adhesive that holds everything in place quite well.

The Cold Cathode Kit

  • Length: 12.25 inches of pure light.

  • Diameter: .25 inches

  • Encased in a 100% acrylic shell, enabling 360 degrees of light

  • On/off "rocker" switch

  • 4pin power pass-through connector

  • Square feet on each end of the acrylic tube with Velcro strips for easy installation

  • Special coated 12V inverter for safety.

  • Long Lifespan

The optional Cold Cathode Kit comes complete with everything needed to install the lighting neat and secure.  The unit comes with Velcro pads for easy mounting and zip ties are included for keeping wires tidy.  An instruction sheet is included, however, we do feel that the instructions are overly simplistic, especially for users unfamiliar with this type of hardware.

The Lian-Li PC-60 Case:

When we first laid our eyes on the Lian-Li PC-60 case, we were impressed to say the least.  With its brushed aluminum finish and construction, this case was not only good looking, it was extremely light weight.  Another positive of the PC-60 is its toolless design.  Virtually every portion of the case is secured with thumbscrews, making it very easy to work with.  In fact, the only time we needed to use a screwdriver was when we were mounting the motherboard.  The case comes with a total of four 80mm fans, one mounted on the rear, one top mounted and two located at the lower front of the case.  Mounted at the lower front of the case, the two intake fans are dual purpose, providing intake airflow as well as cooling the hard drives. The unit is also equipped with a filter grill enclosure to minimize dust pollution in the case.



The front cover has a Power and Reset button as well as a bright red hard drive LED and blue power LED.  The Reset button is significantly smaller than the power button so there is little chance of mistaking one for the other, nevertheless, we feel that it could be a little larger.  As it stands now, resetting the unit requires the use of a pen or very skinny fingers.  The system comes with a removable drive cage that supports up to 3 3.5 inch drives.  The cage can be removed for easy access by removing two thumbscrews that secure it in place.

More of the Lian Li PC60 Case


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