Corsair H100i RGB Platinum Liquid Cooler Review: Powerful And Customizable

Corsair H100i Platinum: Performance And Review Summary

Thermal Performance - How We Tested The Fractal Design Vision S2 RGB:

To test the thermal performance of the Corsair H100i RGB Platinum we recorded both idle temperatures while the system was setting at the Windows desktop and used Prime95 to place a sustained load on all cores to push the CPU's temperature as high as possible. We allowed the test to run for one hour before recording our results under load.

Test System Specs:

H100i temps

In our test bed the Corsair H100i Platinum did a fantastic job keeping our mid-range processor nice and cool. If you peruse the comparisons above, you'll see the H100i Platinum performed significantly better than both the Arctic Freezer 33 and stock heatsinks, especially when using the Extreme cooling mode. The H100i's Quiet setting wasn't far behind, though. There was only a 8% difference in cooling between the two modes. When it came to acoustics the ML120 Pro RGB fans did an excellent job running at a low noise levels, even when spinning at high RPM. The fans did become noticeable when using the Extreme setting, but they weren't bothersome and ran quieter than the stock AMD heatsink.

Alienware m15 full shot 3DMark

We already knew the Corsair H100i closed-loop cooler offered great cooling performance and the updated H100i Platinum RGB solidifies this point. The H100i was already an attractive setup as well, but with the added RGB lighting its aesthetics are bumped up to the next level. The only down side is each fan now has a separate cable for the lighting, as well as its own power cable. You wouldn't think adding one more cable to a fan would make cable routing that more of a pain, but it does add some extra work if you're trying to keep your system's internals neat and clean.

The ML 120 fans look great with their default settings, but it you want full RGB control you'll need Corsair's iCUE software. We have had mixed results with iCUE over the years, but it keeps getting better and better. In our experience with the H100i, we found it extremely easy to change the RGB and fan speed settings and didn't experience any weirdness or instability.We were also able to sync some of the lighting effects up with the Fractal Design case we were using, but if you are looking for perfect color uniformity, then get some extra ML 120 Pro RGB fans for you're case as well.

Corsair's current mounting hardware is very good for most CPU sockets, but not all. We first installed the H100i Platinum on an older LGA-1155 socket and it was simple and seated perfectly. The installation was straightforward and didn't result in any undue strain or bending of the motherboard. The same can't be said for the AM4 socket, however. The mounting hardware for this socket uses the stock AMD bracket to secure the cooling block to the CPU. The installation was still relatively easy, but it felt a little clumsy getting both of the latches on the bracket while tightening it down. There was also a lot of pressure applied to the motherboard, which caused the mounting hardware to bow and the motherboard to slightly bend. The bend is slight and won't damage the board, but it is something to look out for when using the H100i with an AM4 socket. 
Alienware m15 back lid full left

Although you'll have to contend with some additional cables and pay special attending when installing the Cosair H100i RGB Platinum on certain sockets, these are relatively minor considerations. The unit's price, however, may be a tough pill to swallow. $129.99 USD is a hefty premium to pay for a CPU cooler, even one as powerful and customizable as the H100i RGB Platinum. If it's in you're price range though we highly recommend it. The Corsair H100i RGB Platinum is one of the best AIO liquid coolers we have come across. Its cooling performance is top-notch and it has endless customizable RGB options. If you have the budget and are looking for a quality, all-in-one liquid cooler that will last through multiple upgrade cycles and adds some extra flare to your system, the Corsair H100i RGB Platinum is definitely worthy of consideration.

  • RGB Lighting
  • Good Looks And Build Quality
  • Solid Cooling Performance
  • Very Quiet At Low RPM
  • Easy Installation For Most Sockets
  • Expensive
  • Fans Are Audible At Full Load
  • Extra Cables To Hide

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