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Performance @ Highest Overclock

For our next set of numbers, we focused on the maximum overclockability of Corsair's Dominator TWIN2X2048-10000C5DF memory kit while set to its rated timings.  Using a Core 2 Duo Extreme X6800 CPU, we raised the Front Side Bus speed while concurrently lowering our processor's multiplier.  We tried to keep the CPU as close to it's stock 2.93GHz clock speed as possible.  For these tests, we locked the PCI Express clock to 100MHz, raised the CPU voltage to 1.4v, lowered the CPU multiplier to 7x, and kept the memory voltage to 2.4v.

Ultimately, we left the FSB at 1666MHz - similar to the tests on the previous two pages - but ran the memory in Unlinked mode, where we could raise the memory speed independent of the FSB. The max stable memory speed we were able to achieve was 1295.7MHz. The next highest setting offered by the board, 1309MHz, booted into Windows, but we could not complete any benchmarks.

Overclocked Performance with SiSoft SANDRA XI SP1
Raw Bandwidth




Our maximum overclock didn't yield any appreciable performance gains, as you can clearly see. Bandwidth did go up by a few megabytes per second, but latency actually got worse, likely due to running the nForce 680i SLI motherboard in Unlinked memory mode.

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